Bearing Life: Women's Writings on Childlessness

Bearing Life

“More than merely exploring ‘issues,’ ‘Bearing Life’ provides experiences of recognition, catharsis, possibly even healing, in a powerful and exemplary realization of the anthology form.” – Susan Edmiston, The San Francisco Chronicle “Here, 52 women tell me through poetry, short stories,, and essays that it’s acceptable to not want kids. I do have a choice in the matter, and if I decide against having children, I don’t have to feel selfish. I don’t have to apologize… Searing, at times raw and unapologetic throughout, Bearing Life is, as Ratner states, a “pro-choice book.” It will soon be passed around my circle of friends like all the other books we’ve shared. I want them to know they’re free to make that choice, too.”
– Samantha Spinrad, St. Petersburg Times

“Together, these writings illuminate the complex issue of childlessness and the social stigmata that can be attached to women who are not mothers… This fine, fascinating collection of sensitive literature, appropriate for bibliotherapy and book discussions, is highly recommended for all libraries.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“A unique and riveting collection… In turn sad, irreverent, and liberating, Rochelle Ratner’s anthology is spellbinding. It is not to be missed.” – Carolyn Morrell “This original anthology, with its rich range of strong voices, provokes the reader to rethink the received ideas about women and childbearing.”
– Rachel Brownstein

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