A Hole in the Ocean

by Sandy McIntosh
A Hole in the Ocean

“These irresistibly amusing and engaging recollections of the author’s encounters with the great and near- great artists and poets who washed ashore in the Hamptons has a special charm, as our intrepid protagonist plays unofficial chauffeur, therapist, straight-man and witness, always with retrospective self-awareness, insight and bittersweet gratitude.”
— Phillip Lopate

“DELICIOUSLY DROLL. Stars-in-the- eyes young poet meets literary and art world icons in the Hamptons. And re- meets and reconsiders. And admires. And continues to honor and to create his own work.”
— Laura Wells, The East Hampton Star

“INTELLIGENCE, FORESIGHT AND WIT….There is something here that is at once deep, engaging and profound.”
— Neil Leadbeater, Galatea Resurrects

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